La société

C'est est une entreprise internationale de cybersécurité spécialisée dans la protection et l'accélération des business digitaux.

Grâce à sa solution de bot management basée sur l'intelligence artificielle, ils permettent aux entreprises de :

  • Améliorer les performances, grevées par le scraping intensif
  • Protéger les données des utilisateurs contre le hacking
  • Disposer d'analytics non-polluées par le trafic robot afin d'améliorer le marketing et les décisions business

Le top management d'une entreprise digitale peut ainsi concevoir et piloter sa politique de gestion de bots grâce au dashboard, rapports et alertes fournis en temps rée.

La solution de gestion des bots s'appuie sur l'IA et le machine learning pour analyser plus de 50 milliards de hits par mois et optimiser les sites et API des principaux acteurs du e-Commerce (Carrefour, Leroy Merlin), sécuriser les données personnelles stockées sur les marketplaces (Pages Jaunes, BlaBlaCar) et protéger les contenus des grands sites médias (Le Parisien, Ouest France).

50% of web traffic is generated by robots. They has implemented a self-adaptive bots detection and identification strategy to protect mobile applications, websites and web-services APIs. A functional dashboard allows our customers to monitor non-human traffic on their sites and implement a blocking and filtering strategy according to the company's security and business requirements.

Our technical stack is mainly composed of realtime detection layer in Java, a low latency Stream Engine running on Flink in Scala, ElasticSearch for the storage, Kafka for communication between layers, HAProxy for load balancing, Symfony 4 & Angular 7 for our dashboards.

Our infrastructure is deployed on AWS and Azure, using Docker, Ansible and Terraform, and monitored with Grafana and Prometheus.

This stack is currently handling 100k requests per second, and manages more than 100 TB of data.

We operate at scale and handle over 4 billion hits per day giving response in less than 3ms (99 percentile).

We are, as of today, present in more than 12 datacenters around the world.

Description du poste

Job description

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer who will be in charge of improving our delivery pipelines and providing a reliable and scalable plateform to our customers.

  • As a member of our DevOps team, in a typical day, you might:
  • Monitor our plateforme availability and performance using Grafana/Prometheus/Opsgenie
  • Update Elasticsearch cluster in production with zero downtime
  • Determine issue root causes and add new alerts to our monitoring platform
  • Deploy a new Point of Presence using AWS/Azure/GCP or baremetal servers using Terraform and Ansible
  • Explore new technologies, imagine how we could leverage them and be aware of critical security issues
  • Find bugs in third party Open Source libraries and report them to the official repositories
  • Work in collaboration with dev teams to continuously improve their code delivery pipelines using Ansible/Jenkins
  • Contribute to support Level 2 to help our customers implement server side modules (HAProxy/Apache/Nginx/Varnish...)

Profil recherché

Preferred experience Requirements
  • You have been building pipelines and/or monitoring production environments for 2+ years in the cloud and on premises
  • You have a great experience working in Unix/Linux environments and a good knowledge of networking systems
  • You care about code security, quality, simplicity and performance
  • You have a real passion for automation
  • You are familiar with, or ready to take, on-call duties
  • You are fluent in English

Bonus points
  • You have a previous experience or background in cybersecurity
  • You've worked at high scale with systems like Apache Kafka, Apache Flink or ElasticSearch
  • You've worked with Kubernetes and/or Jenkins (using Jenkins files)
  • You contributed to a major open-source project
  • You understand, precisely, how internet works
Si votre profil ne correspond pas à cette offre mais que vous souhaitez postuler chez cette société vous pouvez déposer une candidature spontannée

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