La société

Notre rêve: Sauver le monde en accompagnant des startups et des projets excitants dans la mise en place de leur stratégie et de leur solution technique. Nous sommes de véritables passionnés et enthousiastes du Lean Startup, des méthodes agiles, l'UX/UI, le Growth Hacking, le développement web & mobile, les Learning Metrics et voulons mettre notre passion au profit de projets qui ont du sens. Nos secteurs de prédilection: l’économie collaborative et le e-commerce Notre territoire: Londres, Paris, Lyon et Amsterdam.

Description du poste

CobbleWeb is the superhero of start-ups!

Our powers :

the Lean Startup, iteration, code, Scrum, the agility of a young and friendly team. This is the winning combination that has already helped clients such as Estate Student to double its turnover in 2015, Bereach to save thousands of pounds by iterating and adapting its interface, and Dammack to leverage on new features to increase productivity and improve the client services.

Our current challenge : support in their digital transformation and build their web interface and Mobile Apps. 

Our dream :

Save the world by helping start-ups and exciting projects in the implementation of their strategy and their technical solution.

We are really passionate and enthusiastic on Lean Startup, Agile methods, UX / UI, Growth Hacking, mobile & web development, the Learning Metrics and want to put our passion on meaningful projects.

Our favorite sectors : collaborative economy, networks and e-commerce

Our territory : London, Paris, Lyon and Amsterdam.

Our team-mate will :

  • develop Symfony2 / Bootstrap 3 / Angular JS / Cordova / Phone Gap / MySql / Magento / Wordpress / jQuery
  • advise clients on the most suitable architecture web & mobile
  • work for robustness and performance of the platforms,

and will be :

  • in love with open source and a committed contributor,
  • already contaminated by the entrepreneurial fever,
  • conscientious and have a good work ethic
  • resourceful and creative,
  • expert from a second computer language,

Workplace : 

We are based in London and we are ready to help our team-mate to move in London if desired. But we believe that the world can be saved from anywhere you want in the word, as long as there is an internet connection (basicaly all our team mates work from home).

We use modern tools like Jira, GitLab, HipChat (similar to Slack), Jenkins, Selenium, etc. to make the work possible and smooth with the team.

Every quarter, we meet together somewhere in Europe a few days for a hackathon.

Our organizational model is a mix of WordPress (remote work) and Spotify (squad model).

When you start : ASAP

Si votre profil ne correspond pas à cette offre mais que vous souhaitez postuler chez cette société vous pouvez déposer une candidature spontannée

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